Friday, July 25, 2008

back on (research) track.....

After a while - i'm getting back to my research. The current topic is "Clustering the Social Interaction Graph", a paper i'm currently working on in process of getting into a phd programme. The topic builds on the previous research i have done in the field of approximate graph clustering (a "Search result clustering by randomized partition of topic-induced subgraphs" - to be published at TELFOR 2008 - a small diploma-thesis research topic i have done last year).

Allthough a year had passed since the original topic, a social element had gain a significant momentum, which revitalized interest in the graph-related applications, which makes a perfect timing for getting back into this area of research.

So, i'm planning to get my stuff together, and start rolling on this new research project. I'll be posting various stuff/ideas related to the general study of networks and bunch of practical ideas/applications - which is where we are actually headed for.

stay tuned.... ;)


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